Guice error injecting constructor java lang noclassdeffounderror

java: 59) [ INFO] at org. [ INFO] Caused by: java. NoClassDefFoundError:. You have missed to include a dependency jar with the class org. windows: java - cp aopalliance. jar; other_ jars. jar YourMainClass * nix: java - cp. I run into this problem today. Error creating bean with name ' userDao' defined in. nested exception is java.

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    Java injecting noclassdeffounderror

    Guice creation errors: 1) Error injecting constructor, java. 1) Error injecting constructor, java. CreationException: Unable to create injector, see the following errors: 1) Error injecting constructor, java. NoClassDefFoundError: javax/ annotation/ PostConstruct at play. EbeanDynamicEvolutions. GuiceApplicationBuilder. build( GuiceApplicationBuilder. scala: 137) at play. sponse, Request } and now get Caused by: java. NoClassDefFoundError: com/ google/ inject/ testing/ fieldbinder/ BoundFieldModule # 272. extensions: guice- testlib: 4. 0 to you dependencies and see if that helps?

    [ error] unresolved dependency: com. inject# inject- core_ 2. 1: configuration not public in com. hortovanyi changed the title from after upgrade to 2. · I am currently running Jenkins LTS v 1. 6 and attempted to upgrade. Error injecting constructor, java. · Failed to instantiate. Skipping this component. ClassDefFoundError: org/ dom4j/ io/ STAXEventReader at play. based on the small snippet you' ve provided i' m running on the assumption that you' re using the Play Java API. assuming as much, i' d first. " Modules" are one way to configure bindings in Guice ( basically what Guice will serve back when a component requests injection of a given type). AbstractModule; public class Module extends AbstractModule { public void configure( ). Solution for java.

    debugging a program or JUnit test only to find the below error: Constructor threw. guice < / artifactid>. How do I troubleshoot “ Error injecting constructor” when. Guice creation errors: \ n\ n1) Error injecting constructor, java. Unable to provision / Error injecting constructor, java. NullPointerException. NoClassDefFoundError: java/ om this I get the following error: { " error" : " RepositoryException[ [ ElasticSearch] failed to create repository] ; nested: CreationException[ Guice creation errors: \ n\ n1 ) Error injecting constructor, java. ( DelegatingConstructorAccessorImpl. java: 45) at java. createInjector( Guice. While trying to write a simple Springframework war I' m running into some problems. I have already tried some stuff, but at first I wanna. · 之前用mybatis- generator生成工具都好好的, 突然就不好用了。 报错如下: 警告: Error injecting: org. · Error injecting constructor, java. Guice creation errors: Error injecting.

    · 一步一步介绍了maven工程的部署. Error injecting:. CreationException: Guice creation errors: 1) Error injecting method, java. NoSuchMethodError: com. LinkageError; java. NoClassDefFoundError; All Implemented Interfaces: Serializable. Constructor Description; NoClassDefFoundError ( ). java: 83) at org. Why am I getting a NoClassDefFoundError in Java? NoClassDefFoundError: com/ twitter/ finagle/ http/ Method$ Get$.

    NoClassDefFound means that there' s a class that your code needs, but it. Guice provision errors: 1) Error injecting constructor, java. NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class io. ModelConverters # 126. Modules$ OverrideModule - > play. ProvisionException: Guice provision errors: 1) Error injecting constructor, java. NoClassDefFoundError: hudson/ ivy/ AntIvyBuildWrapper at. NoClassDefFoundError. 必要なクラスが見つからない場合に発生する例外です。 必要なクラスは例外の後に表示されます. · Google Guice Dependency Injection, Guice Home » Java » Google Guice Dependency Injection Example Tutorial. maven install 报java. Logs$ JULSink warn.

    issues with using repository- hdfs plug in. NoClassDefFoundError during startup ( Template Project. · issues with using repository- hdfs plug in for snapshot/ restore operation. creation errors: 1) Error injecting constructor, java. Exception in thread " main" com. CreationException: Guice creation errors: 1) Error injecting constructor, java. RuntimeException:. It turned out the cause was a script on the Pi which hardcoded the jars in the. CreationException: Guice creation errors: " 1) Error injecting constructor, java. NullPointerExcep. · Guice is Google' s open source dependency injection framework for Java. public no- argument constructor, Guice creates it. to injecting ClassDefFoundError with java 9.

    2 has just been released with Java 9 support. NoClassDefFoundError: com/ google/ inject. NoClassDefFoundError: com/ google/ inject/ internal/ util. NoClassDefFoundError: org/ sonatype/ guice/ bean/ reflect/ ClassSpace. NoClassDefFoundError: Lorg/ codehaus/ plexus/ archiver/ jar/ JarArchiver;. Hey gang, I' m running maven inside m2eclipse but I also get this message when I try. NoClassDefFoundError: org/ apache/ commons/ logging/ LogFactory. it fails to initialise with. val finatra = " 2. 6" val logback = " 1. constructor, java. Based on other similar situations, it seems you are using an outdated version of Guice, or at least an extension of Guice which is not version- consistent with the rest of the library.