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0 > Accept: * / * > < HTTP/ 1. Unknown SSL protocol error in connection. ( curl_ error ( $ ch) ) ;. Here you have a function that I use to get the content of a URL using cURL. This uses curl_ getinfo to know if it is. the problem was that when you get to the line where you return the data if http_ code was different than 301 oe 302,. I' m trying to use curl to get the HTTP status of a GET request: curl - - insecure - - silent - - show- error - - connect- timeout 1 - I Note: I' m using the - - insecure flag in this c. This uses curl_ getinfo to know if it is a regular URL or maybe a redirection. The response should ALWAYS, always, always, return something. No matter what URL I try to " get", your ' $ curl- > get( ) ` should always return something. $ curl = new curl. curl- library list as you suggested. How to get around 302 Object Moved. " Contemporary messages sorted:. I' m using curl at the command line on Linux to issue HTTP requests.

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    The response bodies are printed to standard out, which is fine, but I can' t see from the man page how to get curl to print the. After upgrade from 8. x am getting following error while performing push/ pull/ commit with http authentication. " error: RPC failed; HTTP 502 curl 22 The requested URL returned error: 502 Bad Gateway, fatal: & hellip;. Stopping wget to follow 302 codes? I decided to use curl. From: andrew baird < andybaird_ at_ gmail. com> Date: Tue, 11: 48:. Greetings all, I' ve setup a PHP script to scrape some data from a user authenticated om: lakshmipriya prabhu < prabhu_ priya_ at_ yahoo. com> Date: Mon, 10: 43: PDT) Hi, Please provide any help on below problem.

    string curl_ error ( resource $ ch) 返回最近一次 cURL 操作的文本错误详情。. Some article I read once said that it means jumping ( from one URI to another), but I detected this " 302" even when there was actually no jumping at all! curl로 html 소스 코드를 가져오려고 하는데 http 302( redirect) 문제로 redirect된 페이지의 소스코드를 가져올 때 다음과 같이 하면. 302 indicates that the file moved temporarily. The 302 message should include a redirect to where the file has been moved temporarily. This might be done to keep the file available while performing maintenance on the primary site. I just installed mandrill and tried sending a message using the Maill: : Send function but i get the error " : cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: un. Following redirects with Curl in PHP. curl will throw the following error:. Versus a 302/ 307 where you' d be happy for the code to do this silently. Привет LOR подскажите в чем проблема с curl ввожу:. [ CURL_ ERROR_ SIZE] ;. 在使用curl 的时候 , 偶 尔会遇到一些URL跳转到新的URL, 即HTTP中的3XX( redirection, 重定向 ) 此时如果不设置自动跳转倒新url的话. the problem is, this form is not multipart/ form- data, and then you will to create a query string to post.

    See the manpage net/ manual/ en/ function. I am testing redirects using curl on my. Turn off 302 redirect and automatically. So basically all I want to do is turn off the 302 error and redirect to the. When I use a browser ( chromium or firefox) when accessing a page I get the expected results - 200 responses and it displays the information I was expecting. When I use curl, I get a 302 response: $. " error: RPC failed; HTTP 502 curl 22. · 10 Status Code Definitions. most existing user agent implementations treat 302 as if it were a 303 response, performing. 4 Client Error 4xx.

    · Linux curl command. not convert POST requests into GET requests when following a 302. - s it makes curl show error message if it fails. cURL, the PHP Client URL library, is extremely useful for handling URL requests within PHP. One of the shortcomings that I have encountered is properly dealing with. Hello, currently, I have an application running using jetty/ Port 8983. It works and I can render the page from my PC. However, I get a 301 error using CURL CURL. · Following redirects with Curl in. with the same type of request only for 302 redirects. 3 - > aling with 302 errors.

    Curl does not successfully follow the proxy to the outside location, but complains about a 302 error and dies. The specific HTTP response code does not constitute a problem or error for curl. It simply sends and delivers HTTP as you asked and if that worked. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Comment. This entry was posted in PHP, Tech Note and tagged 302, 302 error, curl, curl error. Bookmark the permalink. · 302 indicates that the file moved temporarily. I did this curl - v org curl - v - - insecure org I also tried wget - q - S - O - org and it works perfectly without any errors. · Using cURL to interact with Google Data services. and can be used to interact with Google Data services.